General information

Mannheim is the biggest one of 17 prisons in Baden-Wurttemberg. To it belongs the branch office Heidelberg in which also women serve a sentence and the department for the open execution man's reeds.

The land prison was built in the years 1905-1909 at today's place as a substitute with the so-called prison. It has a special, ray-shaped building style. Between 1913 and 1914 even other parts of the building were established. Till this day the topical institution size was reached therefore after some rebuildings. In 1980 followed the opening of the open department. From 1993-1994 a deportation custody department was established. Today some parts of the constructions stand under conservation of monuments and historic buildings.
The prison Mannheim is responsible for the execution of prisoners on remand and penal custody to male adult.
Mannheim JVA takes Heidelberg a total of 987 custody places with the branch office. Of it there are 48 places in the open execution.

All together 894 places stand at the possession in the closed execution as follows split:

  • Pretrial detention: 196 places
  • Penal custody: 596 places
  • Remand pending deportation: 102 places

In the branch office Heidelberg a total of 93 places are available. 25 places are for the female imprisoned.

Visiting inmates

Of the visits for prisoners in of the prison Mannheim is regulated as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from
12.15 o'clock to 15.00 o'clock

Tuesday, Thursday of from
12:15 to 18:00 o'clock

Saturday (in each case only on the first Saturday in the month) from
8.30 o'clock to 16.00 o'clock.
Employed visitors they can have no opportunity for the visit on written application for the visit in each case on the first Saturday in the month are admitted.
The visit regulation for pretrial detention prisoner Mannheim JVA is regulated as follows:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from
8.15 o'clock to 14.00 o'clock

Tuesday, Thursday from
8.15 o'clock to 17.00 o'clock.
To the appointment assignment the phone of Monday till Friday is taken in the time from 8.30 o'clock to 11.00 o'clock from 12.30 o'clock to 15.00 o'clock and accessible under the following telephone number:
for prisoners 0621/398-403
for prisoners on remand 0621/398-490
Every prisoner may receive visit. Visit times per month amount as a rule 3 hours. The visit time per appointment amounts basically to 90 min visitors are admitted only by previous appointment arrangement by the responsible execution leader. A late visit is possible up to 45 min before the visit end agreed in each case. The visit also ends with late beginning at the agreed time.
Per visit group of a prisoner at most three people are admitted basically. Visitor less than 16 years a visit is only admitted if the visit was accompanied by an adult.
Every visitor has to identify himself by a valid identity card or passport.
With it the punctuality of the visit it guarantees the visitors should announce themselves 20 min before the appointment in the main gate of the institution.Visit appointments are to be agreed at least two weeks before the visit and can be agreed only for visitors up to the end of the subsequent month.
Exceptionally the visit appointments can be also agreed by the prisoner by application if the visit person of the German is not mighty.
By visit changes the prisoner is responsible for the notification of his visitors.
With illness of a prisoner the doctor or doctor is belonged. Should medical doubts speak against it a visit to let hold it is informed to the visitors.
Visitors may take no objects for the visit with in the institution. In the visit no objects may hand over or are accepted. Exception exists here with food and luxuries.
The visitors may acquire in the visit in the institution goods to the value of a total of 10€. Drinks are determined only for the consumption during the visit, the prisoner may take nothing of it in the building. With original-packed goods the visit official whether decides an entrainment in the custody area is permitted.
It is ascertained with a control after the visit that the prisoner is in the possession of objects, these objects are drawn and kept with his valuables.
Basically all visitors are supervised optically. The supervision occurs partially also through technical aid (cameras). Acoustic supervision and/or the realisation of visits with dividing disc occurs only if this was particularly arranged in particular cases. All prisoners are controlled before the visit beginning and after the contact with visitors.
Letters to the prisoner are to be provided under information of the entire sender's address. The letters may contain no unauthorised additions.
Per letter stamps to the value of three standard stamps may be contained. Mails with unauthorised additions as well as too many stamps or money are stopped.

Letter traffic to prisoners on remand:
The written change of the prisoners on remand is supervised by the responsible judge or by the public prosecutor.
Defender's post is not supervised. This must be to be marked as those clearly and be provided with an appropriate entire sender.
Telegrammes are supervised like writing, however, they are faster carried.
Payments for prisoners can occur through transfer to the account of the prison Mannheim.
As a receiver is always to be given the JVA.

ReceiverMannheim JVA
Account number67001503
Bank code number66000000
Loan instituteDeutsche Bundesbank, branch Karlsruhe


ReceiverMannheim JVA
Account number4384755
Bank code number66010075
Loan institutePostbank of Karlsruhe

As an intended purpose the name and given name of the prisoner as well as the date of birth is to be put down. 


In Mannheim JVA four teachers are occupied. They work together with a huge number of external teachers who promote the at school and professional education of the prisoners. 

To diminish the deficits at school are offered a huge number by teaching measures:

  • conveyor course
  • alphabetization course
  • practical calculation
  • occupational preparation course
  • Secondary modern school with main graduation check
  • In German for foreigners
  • Englisch-and French course
  • PC-Kurse (Word Core, Exel Core, Powerpoint)
  • distant courses
  • occupational school lessons

The land company VAW (Vollzugliches working beings) in Mannheim JVA has to make available the legal order to every prisoner willing to work a job and to allow to every suitable prisoner professional From or continuing education or advanced training.
In Mannheim JVA 300 jobs are furnished from the equipment and the terms of employment to the relations of the free enterprise correspond.
Almost all classical craft areas are represented as for example:
Printers, bindery, electric workshop, vehicle company, painting, bricklaying, locksmith's shop / training workshop and carpenter's workshop.

Approximately 50 craft masters or industrial masters are responsible for the instructions and order winding up. Of the professional training have occupied in the so-called enterpriser's companies. As the name already says, paid labours are carried out in these companies for enterprisers from the free enterprise. The material is delivered by companies like after the completion fetch the product again.In the utility companies work other 70 prisoners. The Hauswirtschaftstrackt him in 1985 was built with baker's, kitchen, butcher's shop and the laundry is on the newest state of the technology. The institution baker's supplies beside own institution still other prisons in Baden-Wurttemberg with cakes and pastries.
It is trained in almost all companies. There are a total of 50 education places. The prisoners can acquire accredited ends in two different occupations.
The prisoner 3/7 receives from his compiled salary at the free possession; the remaining 4/7 are saved as bridging structure money. The bridging structure money of the passengers is unimpoundable. The height of the bridging structure money amounts to 1,564.50€. From the pocket money or from the assesment the prisoners can make purchases twice per month in the institution. The assortment encloses food, luxuries as well as personal care means.


The daily routine of a prisoner in the prison Mannheim is regulated as follows:

06.00 o'clock wake up of the Prisoners
06.40 o'clock the passengers move out to the work
09.15 o'clock court way for imprisoned without work
11.20 o'clock lunch on the cell
12.05 o'clock work
14.45 o'clock court way for imprisoned with work
15.30 o'clock explanation
16.10 o'clockinclusion
16.50 o'clock spare time
21.30 o'clock inclusion and night's rest

Free time

The imprisoned have to take part the possibility in sports measures and leisure measures. The sports measures and leisure measures are to be diminished for it suitably tensions or frustration with the passengers have originated, perhaps, from the arrest. Aggressions, resignation and the danger of an escape in the drug consumption are counteracted thus.

The spare time takes place workaday of Monday till Friday from 17.00 o'clock to 21.30 o'clock. The prisoner can move in his accommodation area freely. There is a big offer of leisure event those of employed or external professional forces are trained and are supervised.
The following sports groups / offers are offered:

  • various strength sport groups
  • Table tennis group in general
  • Table tennis group Achievement group
  • Handball
  • Football
  • Soft tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Chess

JVA Mannheim

Herzogenriedstrasse 111 68169 Mannheim
Telephone:+49 621 398-0 Fax:+49 621 398-280