General information

As a prison and working house the building became in 1724 for just 200 prisoners. It was finished in 1735. Many rebuildings as well as cultivations followed during the years from 1860 to 1994. In the meantime, Bayreuth JVA has three partial institutions separated spatially from each other. 

The institution for prisoners itself in the first execution it is responsible for a penal duration of one year till eight years as well as for pretrial detention.

Visiting inmates

The visit times of the prison Bayreuth are:

Tuesday till Saturday in the time from
08.30 o'clock till 09.15 o'clock
09:30 o'clock till 10:15 o'clock
10:30 o'clock till 11:15 o'clock
13.00 o'clock till 13.45 o'clock
14:00 o'clock till 14:45 o'clock
15:00 o'clock till 15:45 o'clock
16:00 o'clock till 16:45 o'clock

Monday till Friday from 08:00 o'clock till 11:00 o'clock
Tuesday till Friday from 13:00 o'clock till 16:00 o'clock
Monday till Thursday from 17:30 o'clock till 19:30 o'clock
Per visit group maximum three people are admitted. All visitors must identify themselves before entry into the institution by a valid identity card or passport.
Visitors of prisoners on remand need into the bargain a permission to visit by the responsible court or the responsible public prosecutor's office.
Person under age less than 14 years, may be admitted only in company of an adult for the visit.

No objects may be handed over to the prisoners.
Prisoners can receive monthly 3 visits for the duration from 45 minutes. Prisoners they are married, receive, in addition, an other visit.
Circulations of money for prisoners are to be directed to the following bank connection:

ReceiverLand justice cash Bamberg
Loan instituteBavarian state bank
Bank code number70050000
Account number24919

Under the field Intended purpose the name, given name, date of birth as well as the JVA of the prisoner must be given.


The following working possibilities are available to the prisoners in the prison Bayreuth:

  • bakery
  • locksmith's shop
  • painting
  • laundry
  • vehicle company
  • bindery / printers
  • construction department
  • electric workshop
  • carpenter's workshop
  • installation company
  • agriculture

The following professional education as well as advanced training possibilities are available:

  • End as a vehicle mechanic
  • End as a bricklayer
  • End as a welder
  • End in the EDP.

Furthermore the possibility is at the possession Einzelausbildungen as a baker to conclude electrician, locksmith, carpenter, typesetter, bricklayer and water plumber.
Forklift courses take place in the institution since 1994 in connection with the warehouse manager's course.

Prisoners who have problems in German, or difficulties in adapting, behavioral insecurity, disorientation, deficits of information or integration difficulties have, have to carry out the possibility a course "occupational training for late emigrants". This course is led with 10 participants.
General lessons are offered for illiterates and learning-weak. In German for foreigners, historical courses, geology and society apprenticeship belong to the firm component of the linguistic courses. The prisoners have to reach the possibility a higher graduation as well as to make up for the high-school diploma or for main graduation.


Information follows shortly

Free time

During her spare time the prisoners the possibility have to take part in the following leisure offers:

  • song choir
  • music groups
  • groups with different contents
  • football
  • gymnastics
  • table tennis
  • swimming
  • strength sport
  • volleyball
  • music performances and theatrical performances

In the social-therapeutic department which was founded in 2001 sexual delinquents can be treated.

JVA Sankt-Georgen-Bayreuth

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