General information

The prison was built between 1873-1882. It was purchased in October 1882. Shortly after the opening of the assignment amounted a total of 420 men.
In 1980 a department for the open prison was established. The other departments of the open prison followed in 1987 and 1988.

The prison in Kassel I is responsible for the following executions:

Men in closed prisons
Imprisonment of more than 24 months, depending upon the decision of the Commission briefing
  • The prison is an institution the highest level of security.
It is affiliated with the central hospital nationally responsible for male and female prisoners who need constant medical care.

Visiting inmates

Visiting hours at the head office of the prison for prisoners of Kassel:

Tuesday and Thursday at the time of
12.30 to 17.00 Clock

Friday and Sunday at the time of
8.30 to 15.10 clock

The visiting hours for prisoners awaiting trial are:
Tuesday and Thursday at the time of
09.00 to 11.45 clock

Friday from 12:30 to 15.10 and

Sunday from 8.30 to 15.10 (just like any acoustic monitoring visits require)

The visiting hours of the branch office Kaufungen are as follows:
Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00 to 16.00 (imprisonment and detention)

Visitors must identify themselves by presenting a certificate and a valid visit card (passport, identity card) at the gate. Minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to visit. Without valid documents no visits take place.

In the entrance area of ​​the prison, visitors are searched, usually this is done by emptying the pockets of metal objects pass through and possibly scan. Exhibits are not to keep for the visit and approved areas must be included in the lockers in the entrance area.

Visitors are requested by the detainees. After visiting the ticket is filled out and approved, it will be sent to the relatives of detainees. The visit notes are not transferable. A maximum of three persons are admitted to a control visit. For a long visit up to five persons are allowed. Children and minors under 16 years do not count on the number of visitors, despite everything they need to be specified by name.

Each detainee has in principle the possibility to receive a visit twice a month at least half an hour.

Visitors and prisoners are generally monitored visually during the visit. Remand prisoners are monitored according to the regulation of the competent court or the prosecutor also acoustically. The long-term visits are monitored from time to visually.

Termination may lead to a visit, if not the prisoners or illegal items approved messages are passed.

Visitors can take a maximum of 22 € coins. In the visiting room before the visit can be gained under the supervision of law enforcement officials for more than 10 € from the vending machines drinks and sweets. The remaining money for it are not passed to the prisoner. Goods should be distorted as if purchased during visits, because they can not take the prisoners in its detention space.

If the visit is completed, visitors must pass a maximum of 12 € in coins for the purchase of goods from vending machines in which a law enforcement officer for the detainees.

In the branch office Kaufungen following applies:
Here are 10 € in coins are permitted. The drinks and candy have to be distorted during the visit. After the visit, nothing should be handed over to the detainees.

Smoking is not permitted to visit the entire area.

Cash deposits for the bank transfer the detainees can be made. The account details are as follows:

RecipientJVA Kassel I VCC Nordhessen escrow account
Bank Sparkasse Kassel
Bank code52050353
Account number135 399

Purpose: name, first name of the prisoner and the intended use for the money paid (compensation package shopping, fine etc.)


About 300 inmates are employed in the JVA Kassel. In the so-called maintenance depot operates the largest part. There are several goals to achieve equity firms, utility companies and entrepreneurial businesses available.

The subject line of these businesses is available at the following telephone number:

Custom-made for next to gates, window grilles, railings and stairs and welding, sheet metal work and bending work can be produced. The production facility at a painter finally finished. The locksmith is led by three master locksmiths who use about 20 prisoners for work.
The contact person for the locksmith can be contacted at the following phone number:

quality office furniture for state agencies and private contractors are made in the joinery and mounted. This operation is run by three busy carpenter masters in the 25 detainees are.
The production and product quality must be monitored constantly. Furthermore, the second part of the master carpenter and joiner of two rooms one man is out. There, about 20 detainees are used.
This special production will be taken in order to, inter alia, gazebos, carports and wooden roofs.
The contact person for the joinery can be reached at the following phone number:

The entire prison clothes of the three correctional facilities in Kassel is cleaned in this house operation. The laundry also accepts external jobs in large numbers, for example, nursing homes, hotels or restaurants. In the laundry up to 28 prisoners are employed.
The contact person for the laundry can be reached at the following telephone number:
0561/92862 65

The management of the bakery is up a master baker of the production and training company with five locations and six journeymen training courses directs. In the bakery including cakes, pastries, breads, cakes made out to be witches houses that are on sale during the Christmas season.
The contact person of the bakery can be reached at the following telephone number:


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